How to Make Sure your Wedding Favours are Favourable!


four bottles of olive oil with a sprig of fresh rosemary to infuse. Beautiful wedding favours toronto ontario durham region gta event wedding planner

Had a great time at a wedding recently? 

(By recently I mean pre- March 2019 of course).

Did you walk back to your car or shuttle with a floral centrepiece off the table or with your fingers around a picture frame with the couple's name and anniversary embossed on it?

Planning your own microwedding in the 2021 wedding season and stuck on wedding favours? Let me help.

Before I go on let me clarify, any effort that you put in to give your guests a gift for attending your event is so appreciated. It costs time to figure out what to order for so many guests, and it takes money to procure those items. However, the key here is to ensure that your effort is well-received.

The art of the wedding favour is a fine balance between your own taste, an item's affordability, and the usefulness of the item to your guests. Unfortunately, the latter of the three often gets lost in favour of the other two leaving you with an unimpactful wedding favour.

In my opinion, the worst offenders are the monogrammed tchotchkes. How much ever your close family (I mean, your mom kept all of your macaroni art!) might love to have a decorative item in their house bearing your and your beau's name - but for guests that aren't as close, the charm falls a bit - um flat? In the worst case scenario, the item will collect dust in a drawer before getting thrown out or live its life out in a box in the garage. It's kinda harsh!

To strike the best balance all the factors that come into consideration when choosing a favour, I recommend one of either two routes:


1) A perishable item packaged beautifully

2) A donation on behalf of your guests to a good cause of your choosing.

During my own wedding in 2013 (gosh that seems forever ago!) we donated a sum to a charity that was close to my heart and left placards for the guests noting this. It was a simple way to let the guests know that we had done this gesture in their honour and released them of the duty of having to take something home that they might not have wanted to.

A perishable item is my favourite way to go. This is where you can showcase your personalities and give your guests something to look forward to after your wedding is over. Bottles of homemade hot sauce, coffee beans from a recent vacation destination, a small take-home dessert (to be enjoyed at midnight of course) from your favourite bakery, or even a trio of flavoured olive oils are all great examples of wedding favours that your attendees can really enjoy. Perishable items are usually a little less expensive and easier to find in bulk!

Once you choose your item, have your friendly neighbourhood stationery vendor create tags or labels that tie in beautifully with your existing stationery for an aesthetically unified look with the rest of your event.  If you don't have a stationery vendor or are trying to DIY some parts of the wedding then Canva is an amazing option to creating beautiful paperware (I made that word up). A handwritten note attached would be the perfect accompaniment! And there you have a gorgeous, functional and unique wedding favour.

If you want some advice regarding your microwedding coming up, I would love to hear from you! Reach out to me, Fatima from EventsHouse. I'm a GTA and Durham Region-based event and wedding planner and I would be delighted to help you. 

Thank you for joining me and keeping coming back to this space for more mini blogs on event tips and tricks!

corked bottles of maple syrup or alcohol tied with jute twine and sprigs of fresh greenery. Beautiful wedding favours toronto ontario durham region gta event wedding microwedding planner


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