Having a Microwedding in Ontario? Here are the BENEFITS you might not have thought about!




I would first like to say that I really dislike the term "microwedding" (not going to lie, I'm using it for the sake of my SEO). I prefer an intimate event - sounds so much more put together. 


I get it!


As an event planner and wedding planner who operates in the GTA, Niagara, Durham, Clarington and beyond - I empathize with figuring out the various color codes scattered throughout the province, the wedding and event restrictions, the rounds of save the date cards, the emails, the VENDOR CONTRACTS. It has been tough for couples out there who are just trying to put together something that they are entitled to - a celebration of love and life. 

However, by the same way, as an event and wedding planner I am SO EXCITED for smaller events. They are a phenomenal opportunity to take your celebration from amazing to awe-striking:


Microweddings and Intimate Events allow you to : 


1) Celebrate with the people who matter (aka, you'll remember their name 20 years from now while looking back on pictures)

2) That wedding budget can go towards premium touches for your event


3) You can have your personal style and quirks really shine through in a way that won't be lost on attendees. 


4) Creative entertainment 


5) A cleaner, more organized and well-done event


6) Having the opportunity to host your wedding at a creative venue 


and more!

Intimate means Focused


In my eyes, intimate means focused. This event has the opportunity to focus on you and your partner, your personalities, your story, and your love. If you are gearing up to plan your own microwedding or intimate event then the guiding thought that you begin with should be that small does not mean inconsequential, micro does not mean trivial. 

Let me say that again, intimate does NOT mean unimpactful. This is still going to be one of the most memorable days of your life as well as a day that so many people in your circle are looking forward to. This day is important and should be treated as such regardless of your guest count.

It's true, it is hard for someone who doesn't have to have a microwedding to really know what it feels like to plan a microwedding. We didn't have to ban dancing, or meals, we certainly didn't have to uninvite our husband's uncle (unless we really wanted to that is - I guess it depends on the uncle!). But I do want all the couples out there to know that their day is still the day that you and your partner will reminisce about. Let's make this day count.

Do you want to talk to someone about the logistics of your own microwedding?


Contact me and I would love to help.


Much Love and Success, 


wedding invitation, wedding shoes, wedding decorations laid out on table 

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